WBCA Victory Club

The WBCA Victory Club recognizes WBCA member head coach who reach milestones of 200, 300, 400, 500 or more career victories on a single level of competition (club, high school, college, pro), in 100-win increments during the season just ended. Each Victory Club honoree receives a plaque commemorating the milestone. All honorees are recognized during the WBCA National Convention.

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All WBCA member head coaches are eligible.

Calculating Victories

 Only victories recorded as a head coach can be counted toward a milestone.
 Victories recorded at two or more schools/institutions/teams on the same level of competition can be combined.  The college level encompasses both two-year and four-year colleges/universities.
 Only victories recorded on the same level of competition (high school, college or pro) can be counted toward a milestone.  Victories recorded on two or more levels of competition cannot be combined. For example, an individual who has been a head coach on the high school and college levels cannot combine victories recorded on those levels to reach a milestone.


Complete the online nomination form by the deadline. Coaches are encouraged to nominate themselves. The information provided through the nomination process is used to create the honoree's plaque. All qualifying head coaches who complete the WBCA Victory Club online nomination form by the deadline will receive a Victory Club plaque.

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