WBCA Webinar Series


Launched in August 2016, the WBCA Webinar Series provides members — both coaches and supporting staff — with outstanding content throughout the year. As part of our mission to improve and advance the game of women’s and girls’ basketball, the series offers a platform for learning that features presentations by peers in coaching and industry experts.

Featured past webinars: 

Harris Webinar

Full webinar archive below.


A Winning Culture
Quentin Hillsman
Marketing Through the Power of Imagination
Jon Horton
Planning and Executing the Ultimate Business Trip
Sarah Holsinger
Recruiting Mistakes Coaches Make with Parents of Millennials
Dan Tudor
Systematic Scheduling for Success
Lindsay Werntz


Building a Healthy Team Culture: “You’re not that important (and neither am I!)"
Steve Gomez
Building Strong Player/Coach Relationships
Robyn Fralick
Busy Coach: Improving Time Management
Mandy Green
Developing Your Team Leadership
Jamy Bechler
Mastering Motivation and Resilience
Robert Andrews
NCAA® Division I Legislation 101
NCAA® Division II Legislation 101
NCAA® Division II Mock Selection Webinar
NCAA® Division III Legislation 101
Preparing High School Student-Athletes for College
Jaime White
Staff Relationships: You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have
Cori Close
Summer Recruiting Imperatives for Women's Basketball Programs
Dan Tudor
Team Building Across Cultures: Building for Inclusive Excellence
Derek Greenfield, Ph.D.


A Game Plan for Managing Up and Across
Jennifer Strawley
Developing game-ready skills and a great work ethic for a winning program
Andy Fishman
Examining the Career Path to Collegiate Head Coach
How to Maximize Your Productivity When You Have a Lot to do
Mandy Green
More Than a Whistle: Coaching Along the Mental Health Continuum
Steve Graef
Player Development
Jim Clayton
Ready, Set, Keep Going … Transitioning to a New Season
Katie Capps
Recruiting: It’s Not What We Do, But How We Do It
Johnnie Harris
So You Want To Be a Head Coach?
Jessica Kern


Candi Castleberry-Singleton
Best Practices for Next Level Development
Sue Phillips
How to Get The Most Out of Your WBCA Membership
Brian Rosario
Mental Health and Women's Basketball (PowerPoint Slides)
Brian Hainline, M.D.
Mental Health Matters in Women's Basketball
Brian Hainline, M.D.


WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Growth Through Mentorship
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: International Recruiting
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Media Engagement
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Mental Health Support
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Search Firm Engagement


WBCA Webinar: Head Coach Responsibility
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Assistant Coach Development
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: FUNDRAISING: The One Thing You Have To Do, Pt. 2
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Student Manager Development
WBCA x NABC Coaches Forum: Summer Camp Best Practices