1-on-1 Closeouts to 5-on-5
Joe Tartamella
2-on-2 Closeouts
Joe Tartamella
2-on-2 Closeouts
Amanda Butler
5-on-5 Closeouts
Kim Barnes Arico
Close Out and Swarm Drills
Katie Meier
Closeout Drill
Amanda Butler
Closeout Drills (6 drills)
Closeouts Footwork
Katrina Merriweather
Defensive Drills: Closeout
Matthew Mitchell
Five Spot Closeout
Carla Berube
Five Star Closeouts
Maureen Magarity
Greyhound Series
Mary Beth Spirk
Knot Closeouts
Monique LeBlanc


1-on-1 Defense “Drill Lines”
Michele Durand
Defensive Drills: Footwork
Matthew Mitchell
Defensive Drills: Motivation
Jolette Law
Defensive Footwork Drills (12 drills)
Drop, Cross, Run Defensive Drills
Dawn Staley
Elbow Block 1-on-1
Carissa Sain
Loose Ball Footwork Drill
Tricia Fabbri
On-ball and Screens
Yvonne Sanchez
Seven Point Defense
Carla Berube
Triangle Denial
Fred Williams
Triangle Footwork
Fred Williams