2-on-2 Closeouts
Amanda Butler
Clipper Closeouts
Close Out and Swarm Drills
Katie Meier
Closeout Drill
Amanda Butler
Defensive Drills: Closeout
Matthew Mitchell
Five Spot Closeout
Carla Berube
Greyhound Series
Mary Beth Spirk
Improving Help Side Defense
Lane Closeouts
Perimeter Closeouts
Purdue Closeout Drill #1
Purdue Closeout Drill #2
Three Spot Closeout
Carla Berube


1-on-1 Full Court
1-on-1 Recovery Drill
3-on-3 Balance and Contain
Defending Dribble Penetration Series
Defending in Transition - "Turn and Channel"
Defending Screens - "Shell"
Defending the Low Post
Defensive Drills: Footwork
Matthew Mitchell
Defensive Drills: Motivation
Jolette Law
Defensive Quickness - "Chase"
Defensive Stance Drill - "Block"
Doubling On-Ball Screens
Drop, Cross, Run Defensive Drills
Dawn Staley
Improving a Defender's Stance
Wing Denial Drill