1-on-1 Closeouts to 5-on-5
Joe Tartamella
2-on-2 Closeouts
Joe Tartamella
2-on-2 Closeouts
Amanda Butler
5-on-5 Closeouts
Kim Barnes Arico
Clipper Closeouts
Close Out and Swarm Drills
Katie Meier
Closeout Drill
Amanda Butler
Closeouts Footwork
Katrina Merriweather
Defensive Drills: Closeout
Matthew Mitchell
Five Spot Closeout
Carla Berube
Five Star Closeouts
Maureen Magarity
Greyhound Series
Mary Beth Spirk
Improving Help Side Defense
Knot Closeouts
Monique LeBlanc
Lane Closeouts
Perimeter Closeouts
Purdue Closeout Drill #1
Purdue Closeout Drill #2
Three Spot Closeout
Carla Berube


1-on-1 Defense “Drill Lines”
Michele Durand
1-on-1 Full Court
1-on-1 Recovery Drill
3-on-3 Balance and Contain
Defending Dribble Penetration Series
Defending in Transition - "Turn and Channel"
Defending Screens - "Shell"
Defending the Low Post
Defensive Drills: Footwork
Matthew Mitchell
Defensive Drills: Motivation
Jolette Law
Defensive Quickness - "Chase"
Defensive Stance Drill - "Block"
Doubling On-Ball Screens
Drop, Cross, Run Defensive Drills
Dawn Staley
Improving a Defender's Stance
On-ball and Screens
Yvonne Sanchez
Triangle Denial
Fred Williams
Triangle Footwork
Fred Williams
Wing Denial Drill