WBCA Coaches’ Classroom: Regional Whiteboard Series

This summer WBCA Coaches’ Classroom: Regional Whiteboard Series will launch in seven locations around the U.S. Open to coaches at every level of women's and girls' basketball, these clinics are outstanding opportunities to learn from some of the top coaches in the country and network with colleagues from your area. Click here to fill out the printable registration form or click the button below.

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2018 Locations:

Recorded Coaches' Classrooms will be able to be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Events

Wichita, Kansas – Saturday, Oct.6
Online registration deadline: 
Tuesday, Oct. 2
Where: Wichita State University
Time: 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. CT
Check in: 8 a.m. CT

**An interpreter will be present.**


  • Keitha Adams, head coach, Wichita State University
  • Brooks Donald-Williams, assistant coach, The University of Alabama
  • Jodie Karsak, head coach, Derby High School
  • Lin L Laursen, head coach, Central Arizona College
  • Toby Wynn, head coach, Emporia State University


Tampa, Florida – Saturday, Oct. 20
Online registration deadline: 
Tuesday, Oct.16
Where: University of South Florida
Time: TBA
Check in: 8:15 a.m. ET
Cost: $25 (includes lunch)

  • Payment must be submitted via check to:
    Jose Fernandez Basketball Camp
  • Mail check to:
    USF Women's Basketball
    4202 East Fowler Avenue
    BBP 100
    Tampa, Fla., 33620

**Space is limited**


  • MJ Baker, head coach, East Florida State College
  • Lynn Bria, head coach, Stetson University
  • Tom Jessee, head coach, University of Tampa
  • Matt Stearsman, head coach, Florida National University
  • Stephanie Yelton, head coach, University of West Florida


Past Events

Arlington, Texas – Wednesday, Aug. 8

  • Kevin Baker, head coach, University of Texas-El Paso
  • Krista Gerlich, head coach, University of Texas-Arlington
  • Cathy Self-Morgan, head coach, Duncanville High School (Texas)
  • Bob Starkey, assistant coach, Texas A&M University
  • Fred Williams, head coach, Dallas Wings


Queens, New York – Thursday, June 7

  • Megan Griffith, head coach, Columbia University
  • Allison Guth, head coach, Yale University
  • Ali Jaques, head coach, Siena College
  • Caroline McCombs, head coach, Stony Brook University
  • Joe Tartamella, head coach, St. John’s University


Boston, Massachusetts – Wednesday, May 23


Spokane, Washington – Saturday, May 19

  • Kamie Ethridge, head coach, Washington State University
  • Lisa Fortier, head coach, Gonzaga University
  • Joddie Gleason, associate head coach, Seattle University
  • Tommy Lloyd, assistant coach, Gonzaga University
  • Wendy Schuller, head coach, Eastern Washington University


Atlanta, Georgia – Tuesday, May 15

  • Darnell Haney, head coach, Jacksonville University
  • Anita Howard, head coach, Columbus State University
  • Alex Richey, head coach, Oglethorpe University
  • Joni Taylor, head coach, University of Georgia
  • College coaching staff panel:
    • Clarisse Garcia, assistant coach, Auburn University
    • Shimmy Gray-Miller, assistant Coach, Clemson University
    • Misha Jackson, head coach, Emory University
    • Jania Sims, assistant coach, Kennesaw State University
    • Adrian Walters, assistant coach, Auburn University
    • Faith Westdyk, athletic trainer, Kennesaw State University

High school roundtable speakers:

  • Jan Azar, head coach, Wesleyan High School
  • Gene Durden, head coach, Buford High School

Click here to access pictures from the event.


2-3 Zone Defense
Tim O'Toole
Blitz Offense
Lindsay Gottlieb
Defensive Drills
Katrina Merriweather
Dribble Drive
Patrick Klein
Dribble Drive
Sonia Raman
Gold Rush
Mountain MacGillivray
Guard Player Development
Amanda Levens
High Energy Drills
Kim Barnes Arico
Incorporating Skill Development Into Practice
Kate Paye
Individual Skill Development Drills
JR Shumate
Individual Skill Development Drills
Kelly Morrone & Sherrie Session
Offensive Quick Hits
Tricia Cullop
Pack Line Defense
Jim Crowley
Practice Management
Erik Johnson
Quick Hitters vs. Player-to-Player
Dixie Jeffers
Rebounding and Toughness Drills
Maureen Magarity
Skill Development Drills
Monique LeBlanc
Transition - Dribble Drive
Kelly Sopak
Transition Drills
Kelly Morrone


Blizzard Matchup Defense and Using Junk Defenses Effectively
Ali Jaques
Building Team Defense
Joe Tartamella
Building Trust with Generation Z
Adrienne Shibles
Championship Culture
Jan Azar
Championship Defense
Joni Taylor
Collegiate Staff Panel
Collegiate Staff Panel - NCAA DI and DIII
Dallas Wings Basketball
Fred Williams
Developing the “Tweener”
Darnell Haney
Early Offense
Caroline McCombs
End of Game/Special Situations
Michael Roux
It’s Not What You Do, It’s How You Do It
Gene Durden
Lady Mav Inside Game
Krista Gerlich
Man Offensive Concepts
Kevin Baker
Maximizing The Shell Drill
Bob Starkey
Primary Transition
Joanna Bernabei-McNamee
Strategic Planning for Effective Practice
Allison Guth
Transition Offense
Anita Howard
Triangle Offense
Trisha Brown
Winners Don’t Quit!
Cathy Self-Morgan
Zone Offense
Barbara Stevens
Zone Offense And Quick Hits
Alex Richey