Call for Speakers '24

The 2024 call for speakers is closed. The deadline to apply was 5 p.m. ET, Tuesday, Oct. 10.

The WBCA invites coaches, administrators and industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise during the 2024 WBCA Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The available platform for applicants to present for is roundtables only

**Please read the following carefully as the WBCA roundtable format has changed.**

WBCA roundtables follow a "TED Talks" format, allowing speakers 15 minutes to lead a topic of discussion in a small group setting. There is no audiovisual technology (such as screen, projector or microphone). However, a whiteboard will be provided.

After the 15-minute presentation, attendees will rotate to one of the speaker areas for 15 additional minutes of deep discussion and questions. Once signaled, attendees will rotate to a new speaker area where they will receive another 15 minutes of deep discussion and questions. Attendees will receive one last signal to rotate (for the third time) to the next speaker area for another 15 minutes of deep discussion and questions. 

    Applications will be reviewed and speakers selected by the WBCA. All WBCA convention speakers must be current members and registered to attend the 2024 Convention. 

    Please submit one application per topic. If you would like to submit more than one presentation you must submit a separate application.

    Be ready to answer the following:

    • Presentation title.
    • Presentation takeaways.
    • Presentation description (150 words or less).
    • References.

    Please direct all questions to Abby Davis at