WBCA Academic Top 25 FAQ's

1. What does total quality of points mean?
A quality point is a value associated with a letter grade per credit hour. Example - An "A" in one credit course is worth a total of 1x4= 4 quality points. Example - A "B" in a five credit course is worth a total of 5x3.0=15 quality points.

2. Is this a team or an individual award?
The WBCA Academic Top 25 Honor Roll is a team award, not an individual award. All players that were on the official varsity roster at the start of the second semester need to be included on the nomination form.

3. If a student-athlete is on the official varsity roster after January but withdraws before the season ends, do I still need to include their information on the nomination form?
Yes, enter their first semester hours and GPA and then put a zero for their second semester grades and hours.

4. What is the criteria for the WBCA Academic Top 25 Team Honor Roll?
Institutions with a WBCA member head coach can nominate their team for this award. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.000

5. Do 5th year players count?
Fifth year players with no eligibility do not count towards a team's overall team GPA. If the fifth year player has eligibility left they need to be included on the team nomination form.

6. Is it total hours earned or total hours attempted?
Please include only total hours attempted.

7. Is there a minimum GPA requirement for a team for this award?
Yes, the minimum team GPA is 3.000.

8. Is the Academic Top 25 Honor Roll team separated by division?
Yes, the WBCA Academic Top 25 Honor Roll Team is separated by each of the five collegiate divisions, NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, and two-year college.

9. Should we include medical red shirts?
You do not need to include medical red shirts on the nomination form if they were not on the roster for the entire season. If they were on the roster for a few games in a season/semester you do need to include them on the nomination form.

10. What about freshmen who take classes that count towards eligibility but not one's GPA?
Only count the classes that count towards one's GPA and graduation track.

11. If I have a player who takes a Maymester class can I include that GPA/Hours in my nomination form?
Yes, as long as you have the official grades in before the WBCA Academic Top 25 deadline. Have your academic advisor add the grade to the second semester.

12. How many decimal places should I include in the GPA?

13. If a player is doing an internship, independent study, field work, practicum, etc. where they are only receiving a pass/fail grade, how you enter their GPA?
You would enter 0 for semester hours and 0 for GPA.

14. If a player is taking regular classes and also doing an internship, independent study, field work, practicum, etc. where they only receive a pass/fail grade, how do you enter their GPA?
Only submit the number of semester hours in which they receive an actual grade along with their GPA for those classes. Example: Player has 12 credit hours and 3 of those are for an internship in which they receive no grade. You would enter 9 credit hours and their GPA.

15. Should walk-ons be included on the submission?
All student-athletes who were on the official varsity roster as of the start of the second semester should be included on the nomination.

16. How can I make sure that my nomination was submitted?
You should receive a confirmation email. Make sure you keep this confirmation in case needed.

17. What if I made a mistake on my nomination?
You can make the correction on your nomination.

18. If we have had a head coaching change and do not have a replacement yet how can we nominate our team?
If the vacancy is filled prior to the deadline, then the new head coach can nominate the team. If the position is not filled and the deadline is drawing near, contact the WBCA Manager of Awards.

19. If a player is an not a true freshmen do you include their total hours or just this academic year?
For any player it should only be for this academic year, not their entire career.

20. If you have a transfer mid-season, do you include their hours earned at a previous college or just your institution?
Only include hours earned from your institution.

21. If a player withdraws from a class are those hours not calculated in the total?
Typically if a player withdraws before a certain point, they receive a W and it does not affect the GPA. However, if a player withdraws past a certain deadline (varies with each school) and was failing and receives a grade of F then it will affect the GPA. Depending on your player's situation will determine whether or not to include the withdraw. If it affects the GPA then YES, it has to be included. If it does not affect GPA then NO you do not have to include.