Strategic Plan

WBCA Strategic Plan


Who We Are. What We Do.


The WBCA is the unified voice of coaches of women's basketball and leads in the growth and management of the sport. The WBCA will have a dynamic partnership with the sport's governing bodies on all levels and will be the premier source of professional development and educational programs on coaching, operations, branding and marketing that assist its member coaches in improving the quality and popularity of the game.


The five strategic goals fit within the five core services – Stewardship, Education, Advocacy, Membership and Funding – the WBCA provides its membership.

The Five Goals

  Stewardship Education Advocacy  
  Membership Funding  
Strategic Planning Process

The WBCA Strategic Plan 2014-18 was developed in Fall 2013. The Strategic Planning Committee met in the WBCA office on Sept. 12 to begin the process.  Ragan Cohn, vice president of governance & communications, National Commission on Certification of Physican Assistants (NCCPA), a respected association-management professional, facilitated the discussions. 

Working through a series of group exercises the committee came up with the basic concepts for the WBCA's strategic vision and goals. Then, during a series of teleconferences, the committee finalized the strategic vision and goals statements, as well as formulating the objectives the association needs to realize in order to achieve the goals.

Strategic Planning Committee

Members of the WBCA Strategic Planning Committee, their affiliations and titles as of Fall 2013:
Joeleen Akin, director of athletics, Agnes Scott University
Sharon Baldwin, head coach, Georgia State University
Stephanie Baron, director of events, WBCA
Beth Bass, CEO, WBCA
Claudette Charney, head coach, Hillsdale College
Coretta Brown, head coach, Thomas University
Diane Dickman, managing director, NCAA
Rich Ensor, commissioner, Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference
Brandan Harrell, head coach, Georgia Highlands College
Angie Hembree, head coach, Norcross (Georgia) High School
Al Hopper, director of membership, WBCA
Betty Jaynes, consultant, WBCA
Jennifer Rizzotti, head coach, Geroge Washington University
Audra Smith, head coach, Clemson University
Christy Thomaskutty, head coach, Emory University
Todd Starkey, head coach, Lenoir-Rhyne University
Michelle Van Gorp, director of recruiting operations, Duke University
Jack Watford, director of communications, WBCA