TBT: S.T.O.P — The Power to Get Better Results By Slowing Down

In the first Throw Back Thursday (TBT) blog series, we explore the 2016 WBCA Convention Ignite! session with Dr. Clint Longenecker, distinguished professor and director of the Center for Leadership and Organizational Excellence in the University of Toledo’s College of Business and Innovation.

In his session, S.T.O.P — The Power to Get Better Results By Slowing Down, Dr. Longenecker shared his thoughts and research on performing at the highest level. This blog addresses two sections of his discussion — self-awareness and attention to objectives — deemed important for success on and off the court.

Clint Longenecker at #wbca16


How many of you are busy? I imagine all reading this post have raised a hand if not both, expressing how extremely pressed they are entering the second half of the season. From graduate assistants to assistant coaches to directors of business operations to head coaches, all of us are busy; however, Dr. Longenecker asked the audience to dig deeper and  ask themselves, “Busy doing what?”

The questions then turned to whether our daily activities and behaviors linked to the results we are trying to achieve in areas such as family and career. To help better link your use of time with the results you need for the life you want to lead, Dr. Longenecker said that one’s goal must be to think. Think about and understand where you want to be in life and in your career (self-awareness) and incorporate the steps needed repeatedly until you are where you desire to be with no time wasted.


Busy people tend to lack attention in areas of importance. With so many things taking time away from your day, many find themselves overlooking key concepts that guarantee a successful career. It’s time to clear your brain and your day(s) of clutter.

Dr. Longenecker shared the following list from his Career Survival and Success Research Findings which will help you not only pay closer attention to objectives that matter but also help keep you accountable on your goals to success. Some of these include:

  1. Know your performance track record of getting desired results.
    1. Have you made clear what results are most important beyond just wins and losses?
  2. Have effective communication talents and practices.
    1. Be an awesome communicator to anybody and everybody. The number one factor for leadership failure is not knowing how to communicate. (Talent is the ability to do it… practice is actually doing it.)
  3. Have strong interpersonal and teaming skills (emotional intelligence).
    1. Soft monitoring and have an awareness of who you’re addressing. The ability to connect with your audience. Know how to work with everyone.
  4. Possess and maintain a positive personality and attitude.
  5. Possess a mentor/accountability partner.

If you’re going to transform your life so you survive and have a successful career, you must come to the realization that you must change, re-frame what you’d like to do differently, create a radical plan that moves quickly and build meaningful relationships.

Watch the full video of Dr. Longenecker’s session S.T.O.P — The Power to Get Better Results By Slowing Down here or download the below handouts from the event.

Release Date: 
Thursday, January 5, 2017