WBCA Board of Directors Statement on the COVID-19 Pandemic

The WBCA Board of Directors met today via teleconference and issued the following statement:

The COVID-19 novel virus pandemic has spread rapidly across the globe and threaten the lives of people worldwide. Its impact on our world, our nation, our sport, our association and our individual lives would have been unimaginable just a month ago. While hopeful we all remain apprehensive about an uncertain future.

More than 3,000 WBCA members would have begun arriving today in New Orleans for the 2020 WBCA Convention. The WBCA Board of Directors was scheduled to meet today in person in conjunction with the convention as we always do. We met by teleconference instead. We already miss our annual reunion — the in-person smiles, handshakes and hugs. While we can’t shake hands or hug virtually, we can definitely greet each other when we gather online with a smile. It is a small reminder of how the world for all of us has changed Nevertheless, we all can rejoice in the certain knowledge that this too shall pass.

Please be assured that your board of directors is taking all necessary actions to ensure the continuing operation of the organization. The board’s executive committee will meet as frequently as needed to help guide the decision-making process. We take seriously our mission to support and serve each of you and the athletes who play our game in these difficult times.

Danielle Donehew and her staff are working daily to represent your voice, to keep you informed on decisions made by governing bodies that impact our profession and our sport, to develop new online educational programming so you can take advantage of this downtime to learn and grow, and to engage you in new ways through social media. Please contact them with any concerns, questions or ideas you have.

The WBCA is our community. It is where we come together for the good of our game and those who play it. We are all in this together. Because we are strong, we will endure.

# # #