Why did the WBCA decide to replace the 2021 in-person convention in San Antonio with a virtual event?

The WBCA Board of Directors based its decision on two factors:

(1) Health and safety. We will not put people in harm’s way no matter how much we want to see each other in person again.

(2) Financial wellbeing of the association.

Why make the decision in October? Why not wait until closer to the dates of the convention to see if conditions improve?

The board knew it was possible the in-person convention might have to eventually be canceled for health and safety reasons because of the pandemic. The board also knew that cancellation penalties increase the closer to the dates of the convention we wait to cancel. It was irresponsible to delay the decision and subject the WBCA to more severe penalties. The board fulfilled its fiduciary duty and acted in the best interests of the association.

What if a successful vaccine is developed before March?

Should that happen — and we hope it does — medical experts admit it may be next summer before enough of the population can be vaccinated to begin to make a difference. We will not risk the financial viability of the association on the hope of a more optimistic outcome.

I have already registered to attend the in-person convention. When and how will I get my refund?

(1) If you paid the $150 deposit you were informed that it would cover the cost of a virtual event should the in-person convention be canceled and that it was nonrefundable. Therefore, you will not receive any refund.

(2) If you paid the full convention rate of $315 ($199 for two-year college and scholastic members), you were informed that amount included a nonrefundable $150 deposit that would cover the cost of a virtual event if the in-person convention was canceled. You were directed to select a refund of the difference between the full rate and the nonrefundable $150 deposit if you wanted to donate the difference to the WBCA. If you requested a refund of the difference, we will credit that amount back to the credit card you used or mail you a refund check if you paid by check by Nov. 30. You will not, however, receive a refund of the $150 deposit.

I purchased a companion/spouse pass. If the convention is virtual, what happens to that registration?

If you purchased one or more companion/spouse pass(es) for the in-person convention, we will credit that amount back to the credit card you used or mail you a refund check if you paid by check by Nov. 30.

What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is the name of the virtual event the WBCA will present in place of the in-person convention. Staff is still working out the details, such as the exact dates and times as well as the digital platform on which the event will be presented. ASPIRE, however, will be presented the same week convention would have been held.

How much will it cost to attend ASPIRE?

The fee to attend ASPIRE is $150 ($175 after Feb. 25 for all except two-year college, scholastic and AAU) for WBCA members. This low fee, in addition to the fact that there are no additional expenses such as travel, lodging or meals associated with attending ASPIRE, means that it is more affordable to all members. The fee for non-members is $400 ($425 after Feb. 25). Registration fees are non-refundable.

I'm registered to attend ASPIRE, but will not be able to watch live. Will I still have access?

Yes. All ASPIRE registrants will have access to all sessions. Live presentations will be recorded for post-event viewing.

Can I register for ASPIRE after the live event?

Yes. The WBCA will sell registration to ASPIRE through Aug. 1, 2021.

I just registered for WBCA ASPIRE, but it will not allow me to log in to the event. Why?

Once you complete registration for ASPIRE, allow 30 minutes for the system to process your information and give you access to the event.

If the previous registrant is no longer employed at my school, can I cancel the registration?

No. There are no cancellation options for ASPIRE.

If the previous registrant is no longer employed at my school, can I request a transfer?

No. There are no transfer options for ASPIRE.

I’m a sponsor. How should I register?

Please email Amber Wilson at awilson@wbca.org. She will be able to direct you appropriately.

I’m an exhibitor. How should I register and purchase booth space?

Please email Daniella Trujillo at dtrujillo@wbca.org. She will be able to direct you appropriately.

Will the “So You Want To Be A Coach” program still happen?

Yes, the WBCA and WeCoach will offer the “So” program as a virtual event. Program participants must have exhausted their playing eligibility. A student-athlete who is accepted into the program and then decides to return for the 2021-22 season under a season-of-competition waiver must immediately contact Daniella Trujillo at dtrujillo@wbca.org.

I was accepted into the 2020 “So” program, which was canceled last spring. Will I be able to participate in the 2021 “So” program?

Yes, members of the 2020 “So” class will be invited to attend the 2021 “So” program. It is not be necessary they be renominated. They, however, must notify Daniella Trujillo at dtrujillo@wbca.org if their email address has changed since last spring so that they can receive the invitation to the 2021 “So” program.

How do I register for XCEL?

XCEL is an invitation-only program. Although it has been held in conjunction with convention, it is separate from and any fee to attend is in addition to convention. Staff is assessing plans for XCEL. If you have questions, email Shanteona Keys at skeys@wbca.org.

Will there be a Mentoring Madness event during ASPIRE? If so, how do I register?

Yes. The WBCA will release more information on how to register for this event at a later date. Space will be saved for participants that previously registered for this event.

Can I still purchase NCAA Women’s Final Four tickets from the WBCA?

The WBCA is not purchasing any tickets for resale to the 2021 NCAA Women’s Final Four in San Antonio at this time. 

When does housing open?

Because the in-person convention in San Antonio will not be held, the WBCA is releasing all room blocks back to hotel properties and will not provide housing to members who may plan on going to San Antonio for the 2021 NCAA Women’s Final Four.