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Committees & Working Groups

Awards Committees

Each WBCA award committee is responsible for selecting the winner(s), based on specific criteria, of the award for which it is responsible. Individual committee members are responsible for closely following the top prospects for their committee’s award and for encouraging the coaches in their region to nominate candidates and vote for winners.

United States Marine Corps/WBCA Coach of the Year Selection Committees

Coaches’ All-America Selection Committees

The Wade Trophy Selection Committee

Other Awards Selection Committees

Coaches Poll Committees

Each coaches poll committee ranks the top 25 women’s basketball teams in its respective division on a weekly basis throughout the season. Rankings are the opinions of the coaches casting ballots and are based on scores, records, strength of schedule, and key wins and losses.

NCAA Division I Top 25 Coaches’ Poll Committee

NCAA Division II Top 25 Coaches’ Poll Committee

NCAA Division III Top 25 Coaches’ Poll Committee

Standing Committees

Standing committees are those established in the association’s bylaws and, as such, are considered necessary to governing the association.

Assistant Coaches Committee

Audit Committee

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

 Nominating Committee

Select Committees

Select committees are those established by the board of directors to oversee a specific task or tasks, provide advice and guidance to the board of directors on specific matters, or both. Unlike ad-hoc committees, which are created to perform a specific task or tasks or study and make recommendations to the board on a particular issue, and automatically dissolve once their work is done, select committees continue in perpetuity unless dissolved by the board.

• Benevolent Fund Committee

 Diversity & Inclusion Committee

> Social Justice Task Force

Working Groups

Working groups are created or authorized by the board of directors, executive committee, president and/or executive director to study particular issues or questions and make recommendations based on their findings.  Working groups may be composed of members of the board of directors, members of the association, staff members, and nonmembers who are experts in the subject matter.

Governance Working Group

 NCAA Division I Stewardship Working Group