NCAA® Women's Final Four® Tickets

Why buy NCAA® Women’s Final Four® tickets through the WBCA block?

As coaches of women’s and girls’ basketball, we value the talent and commitment of the teams that reach the NCAA® Women’s Final Four ® and attend the games to watch the best in our sport compete on the national stage. Because of our support of this event, the NCAA provides WBCA convention registrants with:

• Exclusive access to a limited block of seats.
• Assigned blocks of seats allowing WBCA coaches to enjoy the games together.
• A variety of seating and pricing options, including tickets in the lower bowl/mid-court ($260), lower bowl corner ($235), club corner ($210) and balcony corner ($135).

When and where are the games?

Semifinals — 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET, Friday, March 30
Championship — 6 p.m. ET, Sunday, April 1
Location: Nationwide Arena

How do I buy tickets?

Purchase your tickets directly through your WBCA registration by calling 770-279-8027 (note that this is a change from previous years where tickets were ordered through the NCAA's ticket portal). Prices include a $10 service fee. Tickets include both the semifinal games and the championship; they cannot be split.

Each registrant is limited to 10 tickets. Coaching staffs are encouraged to coordinate their ticket purchases as the WBCA will seat tickets according to receipt of registration (first come, first served) and availability.

Supply is limited; therefore, submitted orders are not guaranteed ticket assignments or locations.

Where are the WBCA seats located?

The WBCA blocks are located in the follow sections (view the seating map):

Lower Bowl or Club Midcourt — Sections 116, C3 and C4
Lower Bowl Corner **sold out** — Sections 118
Club Corner ($210) **sold out** — Sections C8, C9 and C10
Balcony **sold out** ($135) — Section 215, 216 and 217

How will I receive my tickets?

WBCA tickets will be delivered via Flashseats® directly to the purchaser's email in mid-March.

It is imperative that the WBCA have an accurate email on file to ensure delivery. The WBCA is not responsible for ticket orders that are not delivered from Flashseats.

Can I cancel or transfer my tickets?

Once purchased, tickets to the NCAA Women's Final Four are non-refundable. Refunds will not be issued for any cancelled or unclaimed tickets. 

Changes to ticket requests (e.g., move from lower bowl to balcony) are not allowed once the purchase has been confirmed.

NCAA Women's Final Four tickets are considered part of your WBCA registration. Therefore, they cannot be separated from the ticket packet. To transfer a registration and tickets, the WBCA staff must receive a written request by the registrant (not the registrant's employer). All transfer fees and policies can be found in the registration policies.

Once tickets are delivered via Flashseats in mid-March, the WBCA staff will no longer have access to ticket orders. Purchasers may transfer seats using the Flashseats portal.

May I resell my tickets?

Note these additional policies per the NCAA:

Please note that tickets may be used only for the personal or professional interests of those receiving tickets. They may not be used in any commercial or promotional activities (e.g., drawings, sweepstakes, fundraising activities). Any redistribution of tickets is the responsibility of the member. The offer of resale or actual resale of tickets at a price above face value will violate the conditions of this offer. Violation of these policies may result in the forfeiture of your privilege to purchase Women's Final Four tickets in the future. 

Your seat numbers will be registered with the NCAA. While we believe that you would never sell your tickets in violation of policy or law, you must understand that once tickets get into the "mainstream," there is nothing that can be done to prevent the tickets from ending up for sale on the streets or online. Therefore, if you give or sell your tickets to a friend, who in turn gives them to a friend, who sells them to a broker at face value only to have them offered for sale, it could result in real damages to the WBCA and to you. 

The Division I Women's Basketball Committee's policy regarding coaches tickets being sold for above face value is that the individual member may lose their ticket privileges for five years and the WBCA will have its allotment reduced by the number of tickets sold for above face value for a period of five years.