Assistant Coaches Toolbox

Whether recruiting a top athlete or helping to support current players through the ups and downs of the season, assistant coaches are often a successful team's greatest assets. And the WBCA knows that the truly great ones are constantly learning and refining their skills both on and off the court.

This assistant coaches' toolbox is a collection of resources that specifically address the educational needs of assistant coaches.  Check back frequently as these resources will grow.

Career Development

"So You Want To Be A Head Coach Someday? Let Us Tell You About It!"
Mike Neighbors, Cori Close and Jolette Law
Assistant to Head Coach
Lisa Fortier, Kelsey Keizer, Stacie Terry and Stephanie Yelton
Knowing Where You Can Improve
Adell Harris (Audio Only)
Shimmy Gray-Miller
Pathway to Administration
Patti Phillips
Transitioning From Assistant to Head Coach
2016 WBCA Convention
Transitioning From Player To Coach
Yolett McPhee-McCuin
Video Coordinator To Coach
Fred Castro and Sam Purcell

Coaching Philosophy

Best Traits of an Assistant Coach
Curt Miller
Lessons From The Best, What It Takes To Be A Great Assistant Coach
Dawn Staley, Johnnie Harris, Al Brown, Andrew Calder and Gary Blair