Become a Mentee

The WBCA Coach to Coach Mentoring Program brings coaches together during the basketball season to share ideas, confront challenges and learn from each other's experience.


The mentee application for the 2018-19 program has closed.

Mentee eligibility

To become a mentee, you must:

  • Be an active WBCA member and renew your membership by Aug. 31;
  • Be willing to adhere to all WBCA polices;
  • Be willing to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom;
  • Commit to spending a minimum of one hour a month with mentors and other mentees in your group; and
  • Be willing to communicate with your mentor and other mentees in your group between monthly sessions.
 Mentee requirements
  • Complete a mentee application.
  • Make initial contact with your mentor before your first group mentoring session.
  • Actively prepare for and participate in monthly mentoring sessions with your group.
  • Serve as a direct resource to other mentees in your group outside of the scheduled group sessions (outside of the scheduled communications, the mentee assumes the lead role for maintaining contact).



All group mentoring sessions are conducted via conference call. You may choose to participate in person if mentors are in close proximity.

Time commitment

The WBCA Coach to Coach Mentoring program runs the length of the basketball season – August to April. You must communicate with your mentoring group for at least one hour each month.