WBCA launches OurFairShot.com to campaign for gender equality in college basketball

ATLANTA (April 2, 2021) — The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association announced today the launch of a new website dedicated to its campaign to address gender inequities in college basketball.

OurFairShot.com is designed to be an online clearinghouse for all things related to WBCA’s efforts to provide its coaches and student athletes with the same collegiate experience as their male counterparts. The new website illustrates the inequities that currently exist between women’s and men’s basketball. It also provides sample letters calling for inequities to be addressed so that supporters can contact their representatives in Congress or university leaders who are members of the NCAA and make up its governing board.

“As a critical stakeholder in women’s college basketball and women’s athletics, the WBCA looks forward to working alongside the NCAA to address the gender inequities in college athletics,” said WBCA Executive Director Danielle Donehew. “With the enormous popularity of our women student-athletes on social media and the increasing audiences for their games, we firmly believe there is a compelling opportunity to elevate women’s basketball. It’s about time we fully deliver on the promise of Title IX, passed more than 40 years ago, and make equity in sports a reality for this generation of student-athletes and all those who will follow.”

See Danielle Donehew’s video message about the launch of OurFairShot.com here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVKwGSQmxbo

About the WBCA 
Founded in 1981, the Women's Basketball Coaches Association is the professional association for coaches of women's and girls' basketball at all levels of competition. The WBCA offers educational resources that coaches need to help make themselves better leaders, teachers and mentors to their players; provides opportunities for coaches to connect with peers in the profession; serves as the unifying voice of a diverse community of coaches to the organizations that control the game; and celebrates those coaches, players and other individuals who excel each year and contribute to the advancement of the sport. Visit WBCA.org for more details about the association.

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