An Open Letter to our WBCA Family and the Women’s Basketball Community on Race and Social Justice

Dear WBCA family and the women’s basketball community,

I write to you with a heavy heart. This past week another black man was shot by police. The shooting of Jacob Blake comes just three months after the killing of George Floyd and five months after the killing of Breonna Taylor. Mr. Blake is the latest of countless black and brown men and women to be shot or killed by police. When will enough be enough? We say no more.

The WBCA salutes, supports and pledges our unity with the NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS and other organizations and individuals that have chosen to boycott and postpone games and competitions this week in support of social justice. I am proud that our sports family is standing strong and using our platform to peacefully and firmly verbalize the frustration and anger these athletes and coaches feel each and every day. The statement made — that the fight for social justice is more important than a game — is powerful.

Today I ask all of us to pause and reflect. We must ask ourselves, what have I done to help create a society, environment and culture that is safe and truly accepting of our black and brown coaches, colleagues and student-athletes? What more can I do? We all cannot organize or participate in publicized boycotts, but we can look within ourselves and work to unlearn our biases and see the world through another person’s eyes.

We find ourselves in a powerful movement, not just a moment. The WBCA is committed to being a positive part of the movement. The WBCA Social Justice Task Force is committed to dismantling systemic and institutional racism and oppression within our communities through the action and the voices of women's basketball coaches, allies and advocates of the game. The task force would welcome any ideas you have.

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association supports peaceful protest. To our black and brown coaches, student-athletes, professional athletes, colleagues, administrators, and supporters of the women’s game, please do not be discouraged and do not lose hope.  Our family stands united and committed to the continued important work ahead. 

If you are lost, if you need some guidance, or if you are just looking for a safe space to talk, please do not hesitate to reach out to the WBCA office. We want to help you any way we can.

May our family find strength in one another and unite together in pursuit of social justice and equality. May we all embrace the important role we each play to create a more just and welcoming society for all.



Danielle M. Donehew
Executive Director, WBCA